Luminar Neo’s Noiseless AI plugin fixes your noisy photos in a second

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Luminar Neo noiseless

Last month, Skylum launched its very first Luminar Neo extension – and they don’t plan on stopping. Coming soon is Noiseless AI, another plugin from Skylum that aims to make your editing process faster and simpler.

Noiseless AI is another paid plugin for Luminar NEO. As the name suggests, it removes digital noise with the power of artificial intelligence. Skylum shared some details about the latest extension with us, so let’s dive right in and see what you can expect.

As Skylum notes, Noiseless AI is “the next big thing” in Luminar NEO. It features built-in algorithms that automatically remove noise in your photos, with just a single click. But like the rest of Luminar Neo features, you can also adjust and fine-tune the effect.

Based on deep photo analysis, Noiseless AI determines the level of noise of the photo and suggests one of three noise reduction options — Low, Middle, or High. You can click on any of these, or adjust the noise reduction levels manually. There are also Luminosity, Color, and Details sliders so you get even more control over the results.

More extensions coming

Skylum says that they’re fulfilling the main vision for Luminar Neo — they want the program to become a one-stop creative platform for photographers. After Noiseless AI, four more extensions will be delivered in November, and one in December. By the end of 2022, there will be a total of seven extensions added to Luminar Neo.

But the second extension isn’t out yet: Noiseless AI will be released for preorders on 30 August 2022, and note that it will only work as an extension for Luminar Neo. You’ll be able to get it with the Luminar Neo Pro monthly or yearly subscription or buy it as a part of the 2022 Extensions pack. The Pro monthly or yearly subscription is available from 16 August 2022 and includes Luminar Neo and all the extensions that will be released during the subscription period.

Luminar Neo noiseless AI

Pricing info

There are many options available depending on your needs. You can subscribe to Luminar Neo Pro during the yearly bird stage and get the best price possible for the first subscription year. The Pro subscription can be Monthly or Yearly and it will include the Luminar Neo app, plus all the extensions that will come out during the subscription period. The monthly subscription costs €14.95/month, and the yearly one is more affordable at €7.42/month. Note that it’s billed annually, though.

If you’re not keen on subscriptions, there’s also a lifetime license for Luminar Neo and the 2022 extensions pack. Luminar Neo alone costs €99, and the extension pack is €199 during the early bird period. It will cost €299 later. You can find more info on the extensions and the pricing on Skylum’s website.

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