PSA: Pixsy had a data breach; photographers, change your passwords now

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pixsy data breach

Anti-image theft platform Pixsy has suffered a data breach. Some users have received an email requiring them to change their passwords. While it may look like one of many phishing scams, it’s actually legit. We checked it as well, so if you’re a Pixsy user – you may want to go and change that password!

I first noticed the info on Reddit, where one of the users said that they received an email from Pixsy informing them of “an IT issue.” The email invites you to click a link and reset the password, which is normally a red flag. Then I remembered that I’m a Pixsy user as well and that I can check for myself.

I logged in to the email connected with my Pixsy account, which I use once in a blue moon. And indeed, there was the same email as the Redditor mentioned in the post “We have been informed of an IT issue that we have promptly addressed,” the email reads. “We have examined our logs and can find no evidence that this was used or exploited on any accounts, nor was your data altered or impacted.”

However, Pixsy has invalidated all users’ passwords, meaning that they need to reset them with the next login. There’s a link in the email leading to the login page, where you can reset the password and set a new onepixsy data breach

It’s worth noting that the email was sent from and that the link in the body really leads to the Pixsy page. I visited Pixsy before opening the email, and I was asked to change my password there as well, so there has definitely been some sort of data breach and the email was most definitely sent directly from Pixsy.

I first discovered Pixsy in 2019 when they teamed up with Flickr to protect its users from image theft. I’ve been really pleased with their service and how helpful their support team has been whenever I had an issue. DIYP has reached out to them to try and learn more about the data breach, and we’ll give you an update if we hear back.

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