Hoya has launched their new Mist Diffuser Black series No0.5 and No1 filters

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Hoya has announced their new Hoya Mist Diffuser Black creative series filters. Designed to give a “stylish cinematic effect”, Hoya’s new Mist Diffuser Black No1 and No0.5 filters are of the screw-on variety, available in 49mm, 52mm, 55mm, 58m, 62mm, 67mm, 72mm, 77mm and 82mm diameters. The “No” denotes their strength.

The goal of these filters is to create a soft and diffused look that’s often seen in cinema while retaining the sharpness where it counts. Essentially, it gives your light sources a nice soft glow while diffusing the often too-sharp image of modern lenses.

The new filters are available in two strengths, labelled No0.5 and No1 with the No1 being the stronger effect. And while they may not be to everybody’s taste, they certainly add a look we’ve all seen before in some of our favourite movies.

The HOYA MIST DIFFUSER BLACK series is a soft-type filter that creates a black mist effect through diffusing light around light sources and slightly suppressing shadow contrasts, giving the image a stylish cinematic look. Especially recommended for night photography, portrait shots and videography. With two versions available, MIST DIFFUSER BLACK No0.5 and No1, it is possible to select the desired intensity for your photo.

– Hoya Press Release

While the look may be simulated in post, using a filter allows you to capture it in-camera for a quicker workflow and you can actually see the effect while you’re shooting to know if you’re getting the shot you want. Hoya says that the effect is stronger when shooting with longer focal length lenses and will vary depending on the type of light sources in the shot and shooting parameters like shutter speed.

The rings of the filters are aluminium for lighter weight and are of a low-profile design to minimise the risks of vignetting even with the widest of lenses. There’s no word on a price yet and they’re not showing up for pre-order in the usual places, although the filters are expected to go on sale on July 15th. We’ll update this post when we have information on cost. For now, you can find out more on the Hoya product pages for the Mist Diffuser Black No0.5 and Mist Diffuser Black No1.

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