This amazing stop motion animation makes woodworking look as simple as chopping a salad

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I find stop motion animation absolutely fascinating to watch, particularly when it looks as good as this. I absolutely don’t have the patience to create one myself that looks anywhere near as good as this one from Omozoc, but having at least given it a go a few times I can understand the incredible level of skill and patience required to pull off something like this. And it’s beyond my abilities for sure.

In it, we see a pair of hands making a wooden milk crate from scratch using obviously impossible methods (who pushes nails in with a spoon?) but it’s been shot and put together so well that it just seems so believable. Omozoc says he created the video from 2854 individual images and no post-processing or visual effects have been added. It’s just a stream of images lasting four minutes.

What really sells the animation is not just how consistent the images are from one frame to the next – seriously, how did he do those partial cuts, chiselling and hammer in those nails without anything moving from one shot to another? – but the sound effects that tie it all together. The sounds, like the woodworking techniques, obviously aren’t real or even close to how things sound building things like this in the real world, but they just work so well.

It’s a wonderful video and extremely satisfying to watch but it’s only one of a number of excellent stop motion animation videos Omozoc has on his channel, so be sure to check the rest out, too!

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