Aputure has launched its new crazy bright Light Storm 1200D Pro flagship

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Aputure has announced their new flagship Light Storm 1200D Pro LED light. Offering up an impressive 1200 Watts of power, Aputure claims that it’s the “highest output Bowens Mount light fixture on the market”, which it is because other 1200 Watt lights on the market today don’t use a Bowens mount.

It’s a 5600K daylight balanced light that ships with three different reflectors for wide, medium and narrow beams that come in a separate case. Two 48v DC inputs allow for full or half battery power operation providing up to a whopping 83,100 lux of light output at 3 metres with the narrow reflector.

That brightness output drops down a tad from 83,100 lux @ 3m with the narrow reflector to 22,400 lux with the medium reflector and 9,610 lux with the wide reflector, but that’s still impressively bright. It has a CRI>96 and TLCI>98 and is both dust and water-resistant – resistant, not waterproof. You can’t dunk this thing underwater.

This is by no means your average video light. Aputure says that their target for the Light Storm 1200D Pro is filmmakers who need a high-output light fixture that you can throw modifiers on and that has a wide range of control and connectivity options. Obviously, being able to use these on location is a priority to Aputure, too, hence the weather resistance.

They say that it’s an ideal alternative to more traditional HMI or Tungsten lamps as it doesn’t require constant bulb changes. Think of it as a drop-in replacement. The 1200W COB led on the front is the brightest light in the entire Aputure lineup, and offers a lot of modifier options including lanterns and light domes, the supplied reflectors or huge softboxes.

Connectivity includes CRMX and Art-net & SaCN via an etherCON connector as well as 5-pin DMX512 ports and naturally, Aputure’s own Sidus Link Bluetooth app control system. For power, it comes with an AC cable, although portable battery-powered operation is possible via two 48V 15A DC inputs for half or full power to negate the need for noisy generators.

Controlling the light is all done, not surprisingly, from the controller. There’s pretty much nothing on the light itself. But from the controller, you can adjust power steplessly from 0.1-100%, you get four different fan modes (Smart, Medium, High and Silent), four dimming curves (Linear, Exponential, Log and S-Curve) as well as 8 different lighting effects including Paparazzi, Fireworks, Lightning, Faulty Bulb, TV, Pulsing, Strobe and Explosion.

The light itself along with various accessories ships in a roller case while the reflectors come in a separate dedicated case of their own – which is handy. You don’t need to cart them around if you’re planning to use it with other modifiers.

No pricing or release date has been announced for the Aputure Light Storm 1200D Pro yet, but it’s already listed at some online retailers with signups to be notified when it becomes available. It’s not even listed in the products on the Aputure website yet, though, so it may be a while – although a lot of the info is in the video above.

Do you plan to add this light to your future shoots?

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